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TDS Training Institute in Hyderabad

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) is a system of taxation that is being widely used in India.TDS Training Institute in Hyderabad Under this system, the tax is deducted at the source of income itself and it is paid to the government by the payer or the receiver (whoever pays the income). TDS typically applies to income such as salary, commission, rent, professional fees, interest, and brokerage. The payer is responsible for deducting the applicable tax at the time of payment and depositing it to the government. Reputed TDS training institute such as BGR Commerce Hub is dedicated to helping employees/professionals and businesses learn about tax deduction at source (TDS).TDS Training Institute in Hyderabad We provide comprehensive training courses that cover all aspects of TDS and its related topics. We offer courses for beginners, as well as those with more advanced knowledge. The TDS Training course offered by BGR Commerce Hub include the following topics such as
  • An overview of the TDS system
  • How to calculate TDS
  • How to file TDS returns, and
  • How to avoid common mistakes.
Our instructors or faculty also provide detailed guidance on how to set up TDS accounts, how to pay taxes, and how to file tax returns. In addition, they also provide guidance on the various types of TDS certificates, including Form 16, Form 26AS, and TDS Certificate for Non-Residents. At the end of the course, students/accounting professionals will able to confidently and accurately calculate TDS, file TDS returns, and understand the rules and regulations of TDS. They also gain an understanding of how to set up TDS accounts and pay taxes. The TDS training course offered by BGR Commerce Hub are typically taught over a period of several days or weeks. During this time, students are expected to complete assignments, listen to lectures, participate in discussions, and take exams. At the end of the course, TDS Training Institute in Hyderabad successful students will receive a certificate of completion.BGR Commerce Hub is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the TDS system. By attending to TDS training courses provided by BGR Commerce Hub, professionals/employees can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to accurately and confidently manage their TDS accounts.
TDS is the part of income tax and in our institute we will cover total practical training on TDS concepts starting from sections of TDS like 194J, 194C etc, TDS Accounting, TDS challan payment ( 281 Challan),TDS returns ( 24Q and 26Q), Form 16 generation, Form 16A generation , how to calculate TDS for salaries employees like basic salary, HRA, TA, 80C deductions etc and we will cover the following topics in this head:

1) What is TDS
2) Section of TDS (For Example 194J,192B,194C)
3) TDS module in Tally Prime
4) How to pay TDS Challan in Online (281 Challan)
5) How to file TDS returns
a) Form 24Q b) Form 26Q
6) How to generate Form 16A in online (Live)
7) How to Calculate TDS on Salaries for salaried employees

Basic salary
Medical allowances
Other exempted allowances under section 10,Section 80C deductions,Section 80D deductions,Section 80E Deductions,Section 80G Deductions.Other chapter VIA Deductions

8) Income from house property
a) Self-occupied house property
b) Let out property
c) Deemed let out property
9) How to generate Form 16 for Salaried Employees (live)
a) Form 16-part A
b) Form 16-part B
10) How to Revise TDS Returns (correction Statements)